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Kenmare Mindfulness & Yoga


Kenmare Mindfulness & Yoga

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Mindfulness workouts are the new way to work out your Body and Brain.

We all want a balanced body –and that doesn’t mean just sculpted arms and flat abs. Its also about a calm, clear mental state that sets you up to take on the world.

A regular Yoga practice keeps your muscles, bones and organs, flexible strong and functioning properly.

There is a constant emphasis on breath work which helps with, energy levels, anxiety and insomnia.

Yoga reduces the risk of Osteoporosis and Arthritis and counteracts the stiffness associated with aging.

It promotes weight loss.

It builds concentration.

Mindfulness is the capacity to stay in the present and not to get lost in the past and the future, it’s the capacity to respond skillfully to daily challenges rather than react blindly.

Scientific research has proven that 8 weeks of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training physically changes the structure of the brain . Areas associated with Stress and Anxiety are reduced. Areas associated with attention ,memory, decision making and compassion are strengthened.

Its not so much the world that causes us stress and disease as our reaction to it.

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