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Small Roads Kenmare18 Theatre Festival

Escape to living, Escape to fun, Escape to Kenmare

On: 14 Sep 2018 11:59 To: 24 Sep 2018 22:59

In: Carnegie Arts Centre

The programme:

Friday 14th September; Shirley Valentine 8pm.

Saturday 15th; Glorious at 5.30pm. Same Time, Next Year 8pm.

Sunday 16th; Same Time, Next Year 5.30pm. My Brilliant Divorce 8pm.

Monday 17th; Glorious 8pm.

Friday 21st Shirley Valentine. 8pm.

Saturday 22nd Shirley Valentine 5.30pm. My Brilliant Divorce 8pm.

Sunday 23rd My Brilliant Divorce Divorce 5.30pm. Glorious 8pm.

Monday 24th  Same Time, next year  8pm.

The Shows:

SHIRLEY is Back!
Having a love affair with yourself is not an easy thing to get around to. Even though the affair is strictly between you and you it seems to concern everyone. Shirley Valentine doesn’t find it easy to break out and be truly loving to herself. She trips over so many obligations and duties along the way. And the habit of putting other people first, even when they don’t need it, keeps getting in her way. Shirley hasn’t a selfish bone in her body. So much so that she has to learn again to think about herself, her own needs, what really matters to her. She has to rediscover the joy of being Shirley Valentine. 
It’s something we must all do; nurture the Shirley Valentine in ourselves. 
And when Shirley comes back this September (three performances only) for the Small Roads, KENMARE18 theatre festival - we men shouldn’t have to sneak into the back row of The Carnegie Arts Centre. There’s a Shirley Valentine in us too.  Bring it out. Flaunt it.
SHIRLEY VALENTINE starring Susan Hennessy is on September 14th, 21st and 22nd 2018 at the Carnegie Arts Centre as part of Small Roads KENMARE18 theatre festival.

FLORENCE is flying.  New songs and production.
Florence sings. You see the audience rocking back and forward, with laughter, yes but, by God, with sheer enjoyment. It’s fabulous, it’s glorious, it’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard and you love it!
The story is brilliant and everybody wants to see the show again. But this year we’ve sharpened it up, less talk and more ... that’s right ... singing. Look man, it’s so bad you can’t drag yourself away. Sing us another out of tune aria, please, madam. I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, I can’t feckin stand it. What an experience. If this were an illegal drug we’d all be locked up. 
Why does she make us feel so gregarious? Okay, in the end she has wings and we want to fly away with her or at least watch her fly into the rafters, but It’s more than the wings. I mean who says being in tune is the key to fabulous singing. What if “belting it out like a banshee” were better than rock n roll.  What if singing like you mean it and sounding like a drunken siren beat sweet dulcet tones every time. What if Florence Foster Jenkins had not been just the worst singer in the world but by far the most gloriously lovable. That would explain why she makes us feel rambunctious . 
GLORIOUS; the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, the worst singer in the world starring Mandy McGahan as Florence is at the Carnegie Arts Centre on September 15th, 17th and 23rd as part of Small Roads KENMARE18 theatre festival. 
Same Time, Next Year
 This is a story of love and a beautiful friendship between ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. Bernard Slade’s script tells the tale so that it all seems harmless, this yearly affair between Doris and George. The rest of their lives seem better because of it. Despite the lighthearted funny tone and slick comedy this play treats its subject with respect. There is true depth of feeling in this credible and beautifully told tale. Over twenty four years we check in six times on George and Doris’s annual weekend trysts as they grow and change. They become part of each other’s lives and yet must remain in their own. It’s for those who don’t mind feeling warm and fuzzy while laughing a lot.

My Brilliant Divorce.
Angela and her husband Matt, otherwise known as Round Head, were happy. Or so Angela thought until Matt ran off with a twenty five year old Argentinian. 
Now middle aged Angela is mad, furious, choked up, vengeful, sometimes accepting, broken hearted, relieved or joyfully liberated depending on which minute you catch her. She used to be a window dresser but now she’s just an ex housewife. Will she sign the divorce papers or refuse to sign them, will she try to win him back, will she find another, buy a vibrator and forsake men forever or online date, perhaps contemplate suicide or all of the above in one mad panic? Or will she calm down a while and find where all this leads. Either way, the clue is in the title. It’s a Brilliant Divorce.

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